Central European Games Conference

17 - 21 February 2016, University of Vienna

17 - Dev Day | 18-19 Main Conference | 19-21 Austria Game Jam


Unreal Engine Track
at CEGC 2016


The Central European Games Conference takes place between February 17th and February 21st, 2016. Its schedule is comprised of a multitude of events, summits, sessions, talks, exhibitions, parties and the Austria Game Jam.

Find the official Central European Games Conference schedule below.

Speakers 2016

  • "MADFINGER Games: The Story of Independence and Survival"

    Marek Rabas

    Co-founder / CEO

    Madfinger Games

  • "Space Engineers: Game Dev Success through Early Access"

    Marek Rosa

    Founder / CEO

    Keen Software / Good AI

  • "8 Years of Dutch Game Garden: How Incubation Helps Developers"

    Eline Muijres

    Communication Manager

    Dutch Game Garden

  • "Avoiding the 'Tagalong Trap' - Designing an Asymmetric Co-Op Game"

    Catharina Due Bøhler


    Sarepta Studio

  • "Avoiding the 'Tagalong Trap' - Designing an Asymmetric Co-Op Game"

    Marianne Lerdahl


    Sarepta Studio

  • "The T word that everybody skips"

    Nicolae Berbece


    Those Awesome Guys

  • "Adventure Games and The Interplay of Narrative and Design"

    Tadej Gregorcic

    Creative Director

    Motiviti Games

  • "You don't have to understand patriarchy to work here, but it helps: diversity, society, and games"

    Mata Haggis

    Professor / Developer

    NHTV University / Matazone

  • "The history of music in video games"

    Alon Kaplan

    Music Producer


  • "General Artificial Intelligence: the Future of Humankind & the Future of Gaming"

    Olga Afanasjeva


    Good AI

  • "Guerrilla Marketing - Promote your game with little money, much insanity and maximum impact"

    Thomas Reisenegger

    PR Manager

    ICO Partners

  • "Teaching Players without Words"

    Yacine Salmi


    Salmi Games

  • "Rise of the Israeli Game Industry - Success Models"

    Tsahi Liberman



  • "Tooling for the Future of Production"

    Radu Danciu

    Founder / SEE

    Sprocket, Inc

  • "Problems with diversity. Between tokenism and absence"

    Agnieszka Mulak



  • "Problems with diversity. Between tokenism and absence"

    Hubert Sobecki



  • "Seriously Funny: Designing & Producing Serious Games"

    Michael Heiml

    Game Production & Design


  • "Growing strong through ups and downs"

    Tamara Milenković

    HR Manager

    Mad Head Games

  • "Discussing Diversity through Newsgames"

    Eric Jannot

    Creative Director


  • "How to pitch your game"

    Lukasz Hacura


    Anshar Studios

  • "A Diversity Of Ideas"

    Michal Staniszewski

    Creative Director / Founder


  • "Career Development in the Games Industry"

    Tina Merry

    Senior Director, World Wide Core QA

    Electronic Arts (EA)

  • "Randomness vs. Difficulty"

    Kornel Kisielewicz

    Founder & Studio Leadr


Summits 2016

Women in Games

As a part of its diversity promotion, CEGC 2016 introduces the new Women in Games event, where women professionals in the industry will share their experiences in a series of short speeches.

Although the aim is to encourage the acceptance and furtherance of women in game development, especially in Central Europe, CEGC strives for an equal treatment for everyone in order to build a stronger games industry.

Thus all attendants regardless of gender are invited to join and contribute to the talks and discussions on the topics raised by our speakers.

CEE++ Summit

Following its course from the previous year, CEGC 2016 would like to bring the spotlight to those who usually remain behind the scenes during the creation of games.

The Summit of the Games Industry Enabling Organizations and Associations invites everyone to attend the talks with facilitators of the games industry: incubators, accelerators, games associations, governmental structures, educational institutions, and all the other organizations that keep the games world turning.

Sharing the experience, learning from each other, establishing proper communication are CEGCs goals in order to help bring games to life.

Education Summit

New at CEGC, our Education Summit is one of a very few events which offer the information about the education related to game development.

We seek to fill this gap, as we invite the educational institutions to tell our attendees more about the educational possibilities, challenges and needs, in terms of creating games.

Another our goal is to strengthen the bond between the educational institutions and the game development companies as well, for the sake of the continuous growth of our still young industry.

Tickets & Pricing

The Central European Games Conference takes place between the 17th and 21st of February, 2016 at the Univeristy of Vienna. Tickets for the event can be purchased below.



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Austria Game Jam

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Travel & Hotels

This year, getting to the Central European Games Conference will be a little easier.
The CEGC Buses are a quick, cheap and fun way to travel to Vienna for the conference this year.

The tickets are FREE, but limited.

During your visit for the Central European Games Conference we have also partnered up with a few hotels to ensure your stay is as pleaseant as possible.

Visit our Travel and Hotel page for information on buses and hotels.


For 2016, we are honored to be hosted by The University of Vienna (Universität Wien), a cradle of higher education in Central Europe, as well as home to many historical figures in the fields of arts, science and humanities.

The diverse environment nurtured by the University of Vienna is the perfect playground in which CEGC attendees can interact with their fellow peers, as well as show off their latest work.

About the event

Central European Games Conference

Central European Games Conference is an industry conference geared towards the Central European game developers community. It takes place between 17th and the 20th of February at the University of Vienna in Austria. CEGC is a volunteer-driven project, the core of which is made up of Vienna based non profit organisation Games Austria alongside many other industry representatives from around Central Europe.

Austria Game Jam

After 3 full days of game development goodness, the Central European Games Conference closes with the Austrian Game Jam starting with late 19th up to the 21st of February in the afternoon at the Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna.

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Games Austria, the Association for the Advancement of Game Development in Austria is the non profit organisation that stands behind the CEGC. Games Austria is a volunteer organisation and we are always open for new people who want to make a change and support their local community.

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